About us

Who Are We?

Welcome to RooDoo, where fashion meets purpose in a vibrant kaleidoscope of eco-conscious clothing. As a premier destination for sustainable fashion, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier quality garments that not only make a statement but also make a difference. At RooDoo we are committed to sustainability, ensuring that these garments have come from a good place, a place which doesn involve slavery. Zero plastic packaging, no highly toxic chemicals and organic where possible.

Our eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. With each purchase, you're not just investing in fashion – you're investing in the planet. Your planet.

What Are We Doing Here?

We're not just here to sell sustainably made clothing, we're here to make positive change in our world.

That is why each one of our unique designs is attached to a charity making positive change.

As mentioned, 25% of profits from our designs go to the charities attached to them.

We're here to support those in desperate need, innocent people's whose lives are constantly under threat.

We're here to support the animals who are so close to extinction that it feels like its just a matter of time.

We're here to support those stuck in a world surrounded by crime, kidnapping, cartels and trafficking, where there is little to no opportunities, for anyone.

We will support grass root initiatives, organisations that don't have millions of Instagram followers because they are busy tackling the issues with their own hands.

We will support those poor people & animals, who find themselves stuck in the very dark world of trafficking. Human trafficking, animal trafficking & sex trafficking, all of which make for very uncomfortable reading. We will be doing what we can to find the best organisations battling this evil.

More wild designs will be made, more charities will be found and with your help we will support those that really need help and those that can change the environments of the land we live on.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at our charitable contributions. We're dedicated to using eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that every piece you wear has a positive impact on the planet.

Crafted with care using eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, our clothing reflects our commitment to sustainability.

Our eco clothing brand is for the planet conscious consumer. We're sustainable, we donate to charities and have designs like no other, all designs are handmade without Ai. Eco friendly fashion at its best, the jazziest eco friendly apparel you will find.