Our Charities

Mystic Monkey

Lybomi | South Africa 🇿🇦

Come this way to see how 'Lybomi' specialises in the rehabilitation of South Africa's 5 primate species.

Rooti Roo

Tree Aid - Sahel, Africa 🇧🇫 🇬🇭 🇲🇱 🇳🇪 🇸🇳 🇪🇹

This way to see how Tree Aid is restoring land in areas of desperate need.

Sumatra's Most Wanted

One Tiger | Indonesia 🇮🇩

Come this way to see how 'Our Tiger' is defending this critcritically endangered species.

Night Light

Pending. Charity procurement in process.


The Bright Kids Charity | Ukraine 🇺🇦

This way to 'Bright Kids' a charity supporting handicapped children in Ukraine.


Instituto Raoni | Brazil 🇧🇷

Click right here to discover how 'Instituto Raoni' is supporting 4 incredible groups of indigenous people's, in Brazil.

Wandering Giant

R.A.R.E | Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

Come this way to see how 'Rally for Animals Rights & Environment' is protecting beautiful Sri Lankan elephants.

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